1) What is a reborn doll? ❓ A reborn doll, also known as a reborn baby, is not a toy but rather a niche art collectible. They are created using fixed molds by sculptors or manufacturers, and then artists spend a significant amount of time and effort handcrafting them to achieve a lifelike appearance of a baby.

2) What is its purpose? ❓ It serves as a personal hobby and an item for art collection. Similar to individuals collecting jewelry, gemstones, or famous artworks, the only difference lies in the category. For those who appreciate them, simply looking at the dolls brings joy. In spare time, they can be cuddled, dressed up, photographed, providing a profoundly therapeutic experience.

3) Production process ❓ Sculptors carve the model of the baby using clay, which is then cast in a factory.The mold determines the basic appearance of the doll. Artists, based on age or customer requests, add details such as skin texture, hair implantation, and eyelashes (see Figure as below). Achieving a realistic effect requires applying 30-60 layers of paint just for the skin. Some dolls even feature details like peeling skin, lip blisters, or grain-like rashes. Hair and eyelashes are individually implanted to achieve a convincingly lifelike effect.


Having read this, you should understand that the production is highly complex and demands a high level of skill, making mass production impractical. Therefore, the customization period is typically long, and even inviting relatively famous artists for creation involves considerable scheduling delays.

4) Classification ❓ Reborn dolls are classified based on the molding process into Reborn and Realborn. Reborn involves sculptors referencing real children to create clay models that don't represent actual infants. Realborn, on the other hand, involves 3D scanning and modeling of real babies, essentially allowing you to have a doll resembling your own child for a nostalgic experience.

In terms of material, there are two types: Vinyl Cloth Body and Solid Silicone (see Figure as below). Vinyl Cloth Body dolls have heads and limbs made of vinyl resin and bodies made of fabric. The neck is equipped with a collar, allowing rotation, and the limbs have some flexibility for simple poses during photography. Adding a fake belly skin enhances realism in photos. The body is filled with a biofiller to mimic the weight and feel of a real baby.

Solid silicone dolls are generally molded as a single unit, though some may only have silicone heads and limbs. The silicone feels soft and skin-like, is easily poseable, and can be fully immersed in water. The drawback is its cost, with a significant quality difference across various price ranges, and it requires periodic matte finishing. The highest quality silicone is platinum silicone, known for its superior elasticity and durability, resisting aging. Of course, it comes at a higher price compared to regular silicone dolls.

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