Here are some tips for caring for your dolls.

The dolls should always be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry location. To keep dyes and colors from the bleeding, you can place an acid-free tissue layer between the doll and clothes for long-term storage. To prevent any problems with insects, dampness, crushing or other issues, make sure you check your dolls regularly. Do not immerse a doll in water, as it can cause permanent damage.

Although the doll decorating is so much fun, many people don't want to put their doll collections in glass cases. Although displaying dolls in glass cases are the best way of limiting dust exposure, those who do not have glass displays should dust them regularly. The same way you would dust your house, a large brush can be used to dust porcelain, vinyl, and hair.

Can be used as a soft cloth to clean vinyl and porcelain dolls. A cloth doll can be vacuumed through the netting. Silk dolls cannot be vacuumed.

It is a good idea to save any packaging, certificates, and inserts that you have purchased with a doll. This will help you to increase the doll's worth if you decide to sell it on the secondary market. The resale price of modern dolls in their original packaging has been lower historically.

General Tips

Never wash the hair of your doll. It will cause your doll's hair to become matted. This is not covered by warranty. High-quality synthetic materials are used to make doll hair. Do not use heat tools such as curling irons, flat irons, or blow dryers. This can cause damage to the doll's hair and vinyl. You can also use a damp towel to remove dirt and debris.

Doll hair care:

These doll-sized wigs are attached with glue. Because it is sewn onto the cap, it can often look thicker than a real child's. If the hair is too long, the cap can show through.

Straight or curly hair

To achieve the best results when styling straight or wavy hair, we recommend using a wire-wig brush to remove tangles.

Keep your doll's hair in place. Do not pull too hard. The wig may come loosening, and the head will pull away from its body.

You can brush straight hair or lightly wavy hair by starting at the ends with a small section. Then, keep brushing the hair in small sections. Be sure to go towards the base of the wig.

For curls that are wavy or curled, it is essential to be gentle on the ends. Use a cloth or a dolly cape to cover your doll's body and lightly mist it with water. Take your time to brush out any tangles.


Textured, curly, or textured hair

To achieve the best results when styling curly hair or texture hair, we recommend using straight combs with picks on one end. This will help to remove tangles and style your hair gently. Begin to style or pick your doll's hair gently, keeping your doll in place. Too much pulling or tugging on the dolls can cause the wig to slip and the head to fall out of the body. Take care to gently brush your doll's hair, removing any tangles at the ends.

If you want tight curls, finger-style your dolls' hair. You can finger-style your hair by taking a small piece of hair and working your fingers through it. Twist as you go. Twist in the direction where the curl falls naturally. This type of wig should not be brushed as it can make it curly or remove the texture.

Hand-applied Faux Hair: This is a delicate type of hair carefully applied to baby collectible dolls. Then, it's glued in. It is not intended to be combed. However, it can give you a very realistic look at an infant's hair. It can be gently styled with your fingers using a damp, clean cloth.

Hand-painted hair: This gives you that newborn look. An artist paints each hair by hand. Although the artists try to achieve the same look, they are not identical.

Avoid using heated products like flat irons or curling irons on doll hair.

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