Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the Minofox reborn lifelike handmake doll, if you have other questions, please just send it to
To ensure that your purchase is appropriate for the recipient's age, every Minofox Doll product has an age-grading icon. You can also find age-grading information on our website and in our catalogs. The product's developmental stage determines the age of the product.
Minofox Doll is committed to the safety of children who use our toys. We conduct some of the most thorough safety and quality testing in the industry. All our products are tested for compliance with Federal Safety Requirements by Minofox Doll. We also monitor our vendors. Our products are also continuously monitored by our Product Integrity Group and an independent monitoring program. This ensures that there are objective checks to evaluate compliance with our strict standards. We will promptly correct any issues that are found.
Our realistic dolls are made from high quality materials and hand painted to give them a lifelike appearance. Every Minofox doll is treated with the love they deserve, from silicone and vinyl skin to custom-tailored outfits and hand-rooted hair.
It is an experience like no other. It is pure and perfect. The tenderness, the joy in their caress, and the sweet, innocent smell of their newborn skin are all unforgettable. Minofx sells realistic baby dolls to capture and preserve that perfect moment for all time.
Holding one of our reborn-like dolls in your hands means you're holding the product of our constant striving to recreate every precious moment of life in a lifelike bundle that you can call your own.
The dolls made from genuine vinyl and silicone are very similar to reborn dolls without the high price tag. They are hand-painted with beautiful details that make them appear so real. Their hand-rooted hair feels soft and natural. Our signature materials give their skin a true-to life feel. It's almost as if you are holding a real baby in the arms of your hands.
You can choose from a variety of realistic dolls to fit your budget. Most of them also come with convenient installment plans. These precious bundles are characterized by their lifelike features and made from the best materials. We consider them to be priceless.
You can style your baby doll's hair. Our dolls come with soft, natural-looking hair that can be styled according to your preferences. We have even created a tutorial on how to groom baby doll hair. This will give you lots of tips and tricks to make sure your doll looks beautiful every day.
Toy dolls are available that have been specifically designed for children's play. These dolls are part of our collection and suitable and safe for children ages 3 and above. We offer dolls that are safe for children 6 years and older.
Normaly, no. This is not something most people need. Some dolls may make a cries or have fake tears. There are also dolls that can use wet pee nappies. They don't drink milk, but they can have wet pee nappies.
There are many reasons. For those who have experienced the loss of a child or young baby, or for those who are grieving. These cases are often helped by dolls. Others simply love the dolls' look and feel and want to collect them. It is a personal decision and we should not judge anyone. It all comes down to what makes you happy.
Expert designers around the globe have created reborn dolls that look very much like real babies. Sometimes the dolls can be made to look like a deceased loved one. Many people mistake them for real babies.
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